3D Printing on Cloudcast

Earlier this week, Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely of The Cloudcast invited Rich Stump to talk on their weekly podcast about all things cloud computing, private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, open source, APIs and more from experts in every aspect of the industry. Aaron and Brian spoke with Rich about the evolution of 3D printing; how companies are using rapid prototyping to introduce new products; how the materials and process are improving to allow almost every industry to participate and how new ideas can be improved and accelerated.

Listen to the // PODCAST // on The Cloudcast (.net)

Here is a sample of questions from the interview:

  • FATHOM offers a lot of services... Tell us about your background.

  • Thinking about "bits factories" in the digital world, how is cloud computing similar to 3D printing? The ability to go from idea to concept into physical objects?

  • How does 3D printing and advanced manufacturing affect smaller shops and individuals? Are they empowered by these tools?

  • How does FATHOM fit into the whole process of new product development?

  • Where can people learn more about 3D printing?