3D Printing Chandelier

“This project was an investigation in using digital tools and additive manufacturing to design and fabricate organic complex forms that are typically not possible through conventional methods — a great demonstration of how unique applications can be achieved through advanced technologies. The team created a product that is visually appealing and fully functional with a great story to tell.”

— Veronica De La Rosa, Industrial Designer at FATHOM oakland|seattle


Chando is an internal product development project at FATHOM sparked by its capacity to create in-house SLS parts — designing and creating a functional 3D printed chandelier. This unique project showcases the team’s creativity and functional prototyping capabilities.

FATHOM’s industrial designers created CAD models in Rhino software, specifically using surfacing texturing tools to achieve desired results. Complex geometries were used to create experiential lighting effects and structural stability in the dish’s form.

The design was divided into quads to accommodate SLS equipment bed limitations and tongue/groove style connections were added for assembly. Then, the complex STLs were healed using a beta version of Adobe Photoshop 3D CS6. The final model was created in a laser sintered Nylon12 powder and assembled by FATHOM. The design uses standard electrical assemblies with custom fixture components. Download PDF →

Carolina Aguirre