3D Printing A Fully Functioning Human

FATHOM’s Experimental, Underground Research Team Announces Godlike 3D Printing Breakthrough

In an unprecedented show of design ingenuity and engineering acumen, Oakland-based 3D printing innovator and advanced manufacturer FATHOM has successfully created a functioning humanoid robotic system, composed entirely of bio-mimicking carbon-based 3D printed parts.

The breakthrough is being heralded as a uniquely symbiotic event between the study of human biology, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

While the extensive use of 3D printing in the medical field has been well-documented over the past decade, functional biological replicas of rudimentary human organs, cartilages, and bones were thought to be the furthest advancements so far.

FATHOM Director of Research Carlo Quiñonez, the leader of the project dubbed “MakeItHuman,” claims the scientific community and additive manufacturing industry will have new standards for the combination of artificial materials and robotic intelligence.

“While our first few iterations were somewhat faulty, our most advanced design has come to life and acclimated well to its new role as a digital communications specialist in the marketing department,” Quiñonez said Thursday. “We’re extremely proud of how far we’ve come, but we hope others in the scientific community will perhaps be able to put our innovations to better use, as say, a crash test dummy or designer department store mannequin.”

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“The doors that this opens are literally impossible to FATHOM,” said Rich Stump, FATHOM Co-Founder and Principal, doing his best to include puns in each of his quotes. “We’re confident that this breakthrough will ELEVATE the entire team and Make 2016 The Best Year Yet.”

“When we were founding FATHOM in 2008, this is the exact type of contribution to the human race I was looking to make,” said Michelle Mihevc, FATHOM Co-Founder and Principal. “The ability to play God, it’s been a really humbling experience. I’m not saying that I’m playing God, can you leave that quote out?”

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