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The full-color, texture mapping, and color gradient capabilities of the PolyJet-based J750 equipment at FATHOM production centers allows users to 3D print prototypes that look, feel, and function a lot like finished products. Many of FATHOM’s additive manufacturing service customers, from electronics to medical to automotive to consumer products, leverage this technology to create standout models, prototypes, and aesthetic parts. We do, though, get a lot of questions when it comes to preparing files.

To better help you, check out the resources below, from application examples to step-by-step tutorials, get the most out of the PolyJet Technology. FATHOM offers accelerated 3D printing services including same-day and next-day options (technologies include PolyJet, SLA, FDM, SLS, and MJF). Not sure what technology is best for your project? Need help with material selection? Talk with one of our experts today.

Multi-Color. Multi-Material. Multi-Disciplinary.

Exploring Diverse Applications For Full-Color, Multi-Material 3D Printing In Education
By Denis Cormier, Earl W. Brinkman Professor // DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER

How to 3D Print in Full Color (Part 1).

What Types of Files Multi-Color 3D Printers Can Accept & How To Manipulate Colors In Photoshop, Rhino, Etc, To Get The Full Gradient Texture Effects
By Shuvom Ghose of GrabCAD // READ ON GRABCAD

How to 3D Print in Full Color + Repairing & Checking VRMLs (Part 2).

Deeper Look Inside VRML Files To Predict Successful Import + How To Choose Resolution Of VRML Files From Rhino & Other Artistic CAD Programs
By Shuvom Ghose of GrabCAD // READ ON GRABCAD

GrabCAD Voxel Print For Unlimited Design Freedom.

Transform The Way You Can Create New Behavior Characteristics For Models By Programming Material Placement At The Voxel Level
By The Stratasys Team for GrabCAD // DOWNLOAD GUIDE

J750 eBook // Design With Brilliance.

24-Page eBook With Seven Chapters On The Stratasys J750 3D Printing System
By The Stratasys Team // DOWNLOAD eBOOK

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