2017 East Bay EDA Innovation Awards


For the fifth consecutive year, the East Bay EDA Innovation Awards ceremony featured 3D printed trophies designed and produced by FATHOM. The annual event brings the professional community together to recognize and commemorate companies who make cutting-edge contributions in their respective industries. For this year’s concept, FATHOM’s in-house industrial designers and engineers were inspired by the innovative ‘disruption’ each of the nominated organizations embodied.

 “To be innovative, you must disrupt the common way of thinking.” —Aaron Porterfield, FATHOM Industrial Designer

The pattern inside the main body of the trophy imitates multiple sine waves colliding, an intersection that creates what is called an ‘interference pattern’—like drops into a pool of water, one wave is disrupted by another wave moving in a different direction. The trophies were 3D printed using three materials on a PolyJet-based 3D printer, then sanded and polished for their finished look.

The lattice structure of the trophy base was also designed for additive manufacturing (DFAM) and it demonstrates the many benefits of taking a DFAM approach—design complexity, weight reduction, faster production time, etc. The base was 3D printed on a SLS system in Nylon and dyed black.

FATHOM is excited to continue this partnership with East Bay EDA, and looks forward to continuing to build the economic core of Oakland. In addition to FATHOM’s trophy contribution this year, FATHOM Co-Founder Rich Stump participated as a judge for the Advanced Manufacturing category. Two years ago, FATHOM received the Advanced Manufacturing Award, which is proudly displayed at our headquarters in Oakland.