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Comprehensive Equipment Support—FATHOM Machine Customers

FATHOM is committed to being our customers’ first choice for additive manufacturing equipment sales and service. Backed by our industry-leading accelerated prototyping and production part services located in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Greater Seattle region, we have established a reputation for proactive customer care, fast response times, and excellent professionalism for all customer requests.

  • Customer Support Engineers Maintain a High Satisfaction Rating
  • Support Team Ensures Successful Integration and Implementation
  • Leverage Support Team’s Hands-On Expertise While Developing In-House Knowledge
Customer Support Phone Support, Application and Materials Support, On-Site Support, Software & Hardware Updates, Software & Hardware Upgrades, Proactive Support
Installation Machine Installation, Site Preparation, Machine Calibration, Software & Hardware Updates, Software & Hardware Upgrades, On-site Training
Technical Training Operation, Maintenance, Applications, Material Capabilities, Troubleshooting
Managed Services Specialized Staffing Solutions That Augment a Company’s In-House Digital Fabrication Operations
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Current Machine Customers—FDM and PolyJet Equipment Support Services

New Machine Customers—Get a Quote Today for a Professional 3D Printer

FATHOM Consumables

FATHOM offers a quick and easy way to order wide range of resin, filament, and consumables online for your PolyJet- and FDM-based 3D printing systems—from materials and build trays to plastic rollers and wiper plates to bulbs and print head tips. To order supplies for your in-house equipment, register for an account and get started today! To learn more about FATHOM’s eStore for Stratasys 3D printer supplies before signing up, the support team has answered your most frequently asked questions.


FATHOM offers specialized managed equipment solutions that augment a company’s in-house digital fabrication operations. This comprehensive and customizable staffing approach accelerates implementation, streamlines workflow, and decreases downtime. By leveraging on-site managed services by FATHOM, organizations fully realize the benefits of equipment ownership without having to dedicate internal resources to hands-on operations. Start a conversation with us today to learn more!

On-Site Managed Services—Additive Manufacturing Equipment Operations