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DM Studio System

Desktop Metal // DM Studio System // Metal 3D Printing
The DM Studio System by Desktop Metal from FATHOM is the world’s first office-friendly metal 3D printing system available at an affordable price. Safe and simple to use, the additive equipment was designed to enable engineering and design teams to make metal prototypes faster, without the need for special facilities or dedicated operators. Built on a cloud-based software architecture, the DM Studio System enables the user to go directly from CAD to part. By having one software platform across the system, teams can work with one digital file for a metal part throughout its entire lifecycle instead of needing to use 3rd party equipment and software to get a final part.

→ Download System Brochure

→ Download System Spec Sheet


  • Technology & Materials
    Bound Metal Deposition (BMD) Based on Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Process
    No Powder Handling—Wide-Range of 200+ From Steels to Aluminum
  • Separable Supports
    Proprietary Separable Support Structures Can Be Removed by Hand
  • Microwave-Enhanced Furnace
    Uniformly Sinters Parts—Hybrid; Microwave-Enhanced (Peak Temp of 1400°C)
  • Build Volume
    12,585 cm3 (30.5 x 20.5 x 20.5) / 768 in3 (12 x 8 x 8 in)
  • Maximum Part Dimensions (Post-Shrink)
    25.5 cm x 17 cm x 17 cm / 10 in x 6.7 in x 6.7 in
  • Build Rate
    16 cm3/hr (1 in3/hr)
  • Layer Height
    50 μm
  • Expert Machine Support
    Leverage FATHOM’s Highly Rated Support Team
  • On-Site Managed Services
    Augment Your In-House Digital Fabrication with FATHOM Operators On-Site


Desktop Metal // DM Studio System // Metal 3D PrintingHand-removable supports, fast material changes, and web-based software are just a few of the ways Desktop Metal is making metal 3D printing more accessible. The DM Studio System was designed from the ground up for simple installation and use.

  • Software-Controlled Workflow
  • Change Materials in Under a Minute
  • Office-Friendly Sintering
  • Expert Metallurgy Built In

→ Download System Overview

→ Download FAQ + Reservation How-To


DM Studio 3D Printer Spec Sheet Read more about 3D printing properties, physical dimensions, connectivity, and software. Download Pdf
DM Studio Furnace Spec Sheet Read more about furnace properties, safety, physical dimensions, connectivity, and software. Download Pdf
DM Studio Reserve Pricing Options All designers and engineers should experience how metal 3D printing can improve the way they design and prototype functional parts—learn more about two flexible pricing options. Download Pdf
DM Studio System Brochure Download a brochure about the world’s first affordable, office-friendly metal 3D printing system by Desktop Metal. Download Pdf
DM Studio System Overview Download a one-page overview that complements the brochure—highlights software-controlled workflow, material changes, office-friendly sintering, and built in expert metallurgy. Download Pdf
FAQ + Reservation How-To Download a one-page overview of frequently asked questions that include instructions on how to place a reservation. Download Pdf