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Stereolithography SLA


FATHOM’s SLA services are ideal for high-resolution finishes on medium- to large-sized parts. There is no more cost-effective solution for creating aesthetic and durable parts of considerable size on a tight deadline.¬†

FATHOM often integrates SLA into the product development process when complex geometries, high resolution surface finish, and larger build volume are key factors.

SLA MATERIALS Lead Time Optimal
Maximum Dimensions Suggested Minimum
Wall Thickness
& Appearance
& Considerations

  • Accura Xtreme White 200
  • 11122 XC Watershed
  • 18420 Protogen
  • NeXt
1-3 Days* 1-10 parts 650 x 750 x 550 mm 1mm

  • High resolution
  • Detailed & complex parts
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Can be painted, plated, or vacuum metalized

  • Often used for aesthetic models, complex geometries, & high-quality finishes
  • Highly cost-effective for medium- to large-sized parts¬†
  • Exceptionally tough & durable
  • Great for snap fits, assemblies, & master patterns for casting
  • SLA is one of the most versatile technologies for post processing
  • Limited color

*Parts over 400mm in any dimension require quote review.

SLA offers a remarkable combination of high-quality resolution and surface finish at large volume. SLA is also very effective at faithfully capturing the intricacies of even the most complex parts, and 11122 XC Watershed can achieve colorless clarity to mimic clear plastics.

Consistently used for trade show models, aesthetic parts, and snap fits/functional assemblies, SLA specializes in creating parts that are highly cost-intensive to produce using any other method of manufacturing.

SLA cures photopolymer resin with an ultraviolet laser. The laser traces a shape dictated by the original file across the surface of the resin bath. The resin touched by the laser hardens, then the build platform descends in the resin bath, and the process is repeated until the entire part is complete.

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